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John Deere LX 178 stalls 5sec after starting; then crank/no start

12 years ago

This has been a recurrent problem last two years. Two shops, new PTO clutch, new throttle cable, and two new fuel filters, and $500 later, still having same problem. Whatever they do seems to help a while, then same issue. Tried cleaning vent hole in gas cap and loosening gas cap; not helpful.

When it stalls, it cranks and cranks, but will not start up...20 minutes later, it will start again, then stall again in 5sec.

Fuel pump? Fuel filter 1 year old; does not appear dirty.

Again, it will start initially nicely, then stalls in 5 sec. and will crank/turn over, but not start again, until 20 min later, same thing.

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