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Does it hurt St Augustine to plant annual rye?

PKponder TX Z7B
9 years ago

I got the idea that the nitrogen from the rye was good for my common (palmetto probably) lawn and bad for weeds because of the nitrogen. Is there any harm? We also started with alfalfa pellets as fertilizer about the same time as I began seeding rye in the fall, maybe 3 years now. We are seeing fewer spring weeds this year but that could be because of the dry winter. We get mostly dandelion, henbit, wild strawberry and horseherb.

Our new dog is really rough on the lawn and we are attempting to beef up the care so that it can withstand his traffic. It will never be what it was prior to his joining the family and we are ok with that. If it matters, Location is north of Fort Worth on very sandy soil.

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