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Why can't our garden grow?

12 years ago

We wanted to have an edible landscape. We paid for a garden strip to be double dug. We composted. We tested soil, planted and watered and fertilized as necessary. We have mulch on top. And our garden is pathetic. Almost every plant is diseased! We have powdery mildew that killed squash, cucumber, tomatillo and verbena plants. Our peppers have brown soft spots on the bottom. The two tomato plants with the most sun (bought at the same time) are terribly stunted in growth and not really producing. Other tomato plant in the same bed is doing well. The beans produced once and stopped. The eggplant have put out one eggplant each, but then nothing. Beets tiny. What is wrong with our garden? We have several flowers that are doing great - just our veggies are sad.

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