o Finding Your Zone

The optional "zone" field allows you to let other users know where you live. This field is totally optional and you need not enter anything. When you post to a forum, your zone will appear after your name.

The "zone" refers to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's hardiness zones which are based on an area's average annual minimum temperature.

If you don't know your zone, you can:

 o Determining your Zone

The USDA hardiness zones are based the average annual minimum temperature that occurs in an area. So, even if you don't live in the U.S., you can probably come up with your approximate zone using this chart.
Hardiness Zone Chart
Annual Minimum Temperature
1below -50 Fbelow -45.6 C
2a-50/-45 F-42.8/-45.5 C
2b-45/-40 F-42.7/-40.0 C
3a-40/-35 F-40.0/-37.3 C
3b-35/-30 F-37.2/-34.5 C
4a-30/-25 F-34.4/-31.7 C
4b-25/-20 F-31.6/-28.9 C
5a-20/-15 F-28.8/-26.2 C
5b-15/-10 F-26.1/-23.4 C
6a-10/- 5 F-23.3/-20.6 C
6b- 5/ 0 F-20.5/-17.8 C
7a 0/+ 5 F-17.7/-15.0 C
7b+ 5/+10 F-15.0/-12.3 C
8a+10/+15 F-12.2/- 9.5 C
8b+15/+20 F- 9.4/- 6.7 C
9a+20/+25 F- 6.6/- 3.9 C
9b+25/+30 F- 3.8/- 1.2 C
10a+30/+35 F- 1.1/+ 1.6 C
10b+35/+40 F+ 1.7/+ 4.4 C
11 above +40 F above +4.5 C
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