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Help...I Need Some Homemade Irrigation Plans Please!

15 years ago

This is my first year with a "real" vegetable garden and things seem to be going great except my consistancy with watering. My tomatoes are starting to not look good due to too much water, then not enough water etc etc... so I am asking the crowd for some help with watering advice so next years garden will be a bigger success. As much as I would like to say that I will go outside every morning at 6am and water my plants...or even once a's not possible with my crazy work schedule and 2 young kids. I was thinking of setting up 2 or 3 straight runs of soaker hoses in the ground of my 4' x 12' sfg and hook them up to a timer. If anyone has any good sites they suggest, or home-made pics or anything that would be helpful it would be greatly appreciated. 2nd part of the question is how often should I be watering?

Thank you as always!

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