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Hardening seeding temperatures

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Many of the Articles I've read say you shouldn't be exposing your seedlings to temperatures below 40. I disagree obviously I don't want them to freeze but if it gets down to 34 or 35 I think that's good. I can't imagine why never to your plants get as cold as they might get the first week or two is a good idea? I really love my peppers and tomatoes and I want to harvest asap. Because of this I always put them in the garden a couple weeks before last frost if the forecast permits. Almost every time there is a frost I simply cover them and throw in a heater or two if it's getting that cold and I have blankets if needed. My point is I want my plants to be able to handle 34°. I am only talking about tomatoes and peppers. Do you think I should let the seedlings get into the mid 30s or should I keep them above 40?

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