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fall planting - speed up growing, or too late?

15 years ago

For the last month I have been gradually sowing more seeds as I pull things up. I'm looking forward to a new crop of spinich that will be ready fairly soon, and I think I will still get some lettuce and beets.

But I am wondering if I should continue with this gradual planting, if there's any point any more. I am looking at planting some more beets, and I've been sturggling with my peas this year, but summer will be gone soon. I think we usually get our first frost the end of September, start of October (though I'm not entirely sure, I live in the Niagara region in Ontario).

Will I have enough time for new beets and peas to grow? Are there thing I can do to make them grow much quicker? (extra fertilizer, water, etc? If fertilizer, what kind?).



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