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Insecticide accident. Should I rip em out?

15 years ago

Hi, I'm new at growing veggies. I really only have tomatoes and one yellow squash plant. I've had the yellow squash one to two weeks and it just doesn't seem to be growing much and it is a pale green color. I have a coreopsis near the squash plant and I noticed it had some powdery mildew on it so I got out my Safer Garden Fungicide and sprayed both the coreopsis and the little yellow squash plant. Then I noticed that I had written 1T Immunox on the bottle of Garden Fungicide so I now believe I had put 1 tablespoon of Immunox Plus and water it that bottle LAST YEAR. Immunox Plus is a Systemic for insects as well as a fungicide. I just read that it is not supposed to be mixed and stored either. Maybe it's lost it's potency? It was rather breezy out and I also have some tomato plants near by that MAY have gotten some drift on them. I washed the squash and tomato plants off about 15 minutes after I had sprayed. The Immunox Plus directions say it's rain-proof after two hours. Also says you can re-treat plants in 10-14 days. So I believe it's not as potent after 2 weeks. My squash plant is very small. It won't have flowers or fruit for some time yet. As for the tomato plants, 2 are about a foot and a half tall with some flower buds and two are only about 6 inches tall. Can't I just pinch off the flower buds and any other ones that develop over the next couple of weeks? I don't mind losing the squash plant so much but I grew the tomato plants from seed (green zebra & brandywine) and they may not have gotten contaminated.

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