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I'm completely devastated

Last year I found the allium borer on three leaves of my chives. I reported it to the WV Ext Office--I may have been the first to report it, certainly the first in my county. This season I was prepared to cover my alliums--most important the garlic I've been growing for some 25 years. The information I found said April/May and Sept/Oct were the critical months. A back problem prevented my covering them until last Monday, April 8. I was far too late. The very warm March must have brought them out long before April. The friend helping me and I spent some 40 minutes examining the small planting and removing leaves (not the best thing to do for any bulb but absolutely necessary in this case.) As thorough as we tried to be, surely we missed some. And we saw the fly, both of us, several times. I suspect that this is the last year I'll ever be able to grow garlic even if this crop yields some usable bulbs.

I'm simply devastated. Not just the loss of a favorite crop, but it is simply impossible to buy good quality garlic around here. And I use a lot of garlic.

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