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'' source of gritty mix ingredients -- good? bad?

11 years ago

I was searching for information about using gritty mix or 5-1-1 in the new planting holes in the ground* and I ran across this link to a site where you can build your own mix or, at the least, buy hard to fine ingredients for the gritty / 5-1-1 mix.

Has anyone bought ingredients there? If you can't find pine or fir bark fines or small pieces locally -or- if you don't have room to mix ingredients, it may be worth it to buy from this site, especially as it will significantly cut down on sifting time and effort.

(my problem isn't the room to work but the time to do it and the finding of suitable bark)

*can this actually be done if the native soil is poor or would it be better to just amend the native soil?

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