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Need opinion: Stone or Deck (for steps) out to a Paver Patio?

14 years ago

Note: this was cross-posted from the Porches/Decks forum but I realized this post may have a better audience here since this is related to a patio rather than a deck. I apologize if this is the wrong forum. :)


I have a dilemma and could use some opinions and feedback.

My wife and I are planning to have a paver patio put in at our back yard. The size of the patio is approximately 20' x 20' (~400 sq. ft.). Fortunately for us, the grading of our back yard is fairly flat, with the exit from the kitchen French doors about 33 inches high, as you can see from these two photos:



What I can't decide now is what to go for the patio steps: stone-based or deck-based?

Either one will step out from the kitchen door to a landing, to an area approximately 4' x 10', and then either 3-4 steps down to the ground. If I go the deck route, it would be a composite or PVC based material (e.g. AZEK, TimberTech, etc.) For the stone, the steps and paver patios would either be from Hanover or Belgard, depending on the contractor that we ultimately end up with.

Here is a 3D illustration of what the deck-based landing w/steps would look like:


And finally, here's what the overall plan/patio would look like:


Some factors that I'm wrestling with:

Pros and cons of going with a deck vs. stone for the steps?

Asthetics? I know if I go with an all-stone setup, it makes it look more "uniform" (the steps & the patio) but would it match the vinyl siding? Most of the houses in my neighborhood who have stone pavers typically went with a deck for the steps, for some reason.

Straight or curved steps? Right now, all the designs call for a straight steps with end caps (or walls on both sides).

Waranties: Stones would have 5 yr structural warranty whereas a deck-based setup would only have 1 year, but should I be concerned about any settlment issues? This is a new construction: house is about 3 years old.

Cost wise, right now stone is coming in cheaper than a deck based setup.

Thanks! :)

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