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Patio ideas for a boring backyard

11 years ago

So my wife and I have owned our first house for a few years now, and one thing that we've been dying to do is add a patio to the backyard. We have some money saved up to do this, but we really have no idea where to start.

The back of our house is completely flat and opens to a large rectangle yard facing a lake and some woods beyond it. We would love to add something back there to make it both more accessible and less boring, but we really have no idea what to put there.

Currently there is a single slinging glass door in the dead center of the house that opens to the backyard, with only a small 3x3 concrete block right outside the door. The patio would naturally be out there.

I know that isn't a ton of detail, but any help would be nice. Even links to ideas or pictures would be helpful. Looking online I seem to find only a ton of ideas for patios on the corners of houses rather than in the middle of a flat house.

Thanks all!!

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