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Backyard/patio ideas

10 years ago


Attached are photos of my current patio area. I would like to change it and welcome any ideas. At the moment I feel that it is too brown and needs some furniture or plants or both to brighten things up.

Points to note:
* The neighbours have quite high trees along the fence line. Because my house is on a slope I have had to 'trim' some of theirs to let more light in. However, my neighbour is a smoker and the smoke smell wafts into the courtyard. So I'm not sure whether I can instal some candles or plant maybe palms or something to try and eliminate some of the smell.

*The soil is very dry and not that much seems to grow besides succulents. (Maybe its my poor gardening skills). The corner garden is mostly shady due to the fence line & slope of the section.

*At the moment it is just myself and partner but maybe something kid friendly will be ideal. I have thought maybe adding artificial grass or something like that to try and break up the cobbles a bit.

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions


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