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DIY Backyard Patio Design Idea Help

Felipe Seiber
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hi All,

I'm looking for some help in how to design a backyard space that can better entertain multiple people (once we are done social distancing...).

I'm pretty handy and am able to do most all types of work (except for large concrete slabs) so I'm specifically looking for something I can do during these quarantine days. Any thoughts, ideas, examples would be greatly appreciated.


Below is the current layout of the yard.


- larger patio space

- grill area

- eating table for 8 people

- comfortable seating area

- shade covering (pergola or shade sail)

- fire pit

Things to Note:

- fence is already on the edge of the property so also can't be moved

- larger trees provide massive shade for over the right half the yard

- existing concrete patio has to stay

I've created a Google photo sphere of the area to maybe help with a better sense of the entire area. - click on photo to start sphere (street view)

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