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Winter dreaming about my spring project

11 years ago

I would really love to read your ideas about this area of my yard! I have really big ideas, but I would love to develop and hone them by discussing the potential of this area with you.

SUMMARY: Basically I would like to make a walk through garden in an part of the yard I have cleared an area between our lawn and the neighbors field. On the other sides it is bordered by the road and the barn. It currently has a canopy of trees but I am willing to any of them down with the exception of the large black cherry trees. My biggest concern is to have the garden not feel like its a big entrance to the barn.

I was surprised when we bought the house that there was not a driveway from the road to the barn, but after long consideration and knowing the zoning laws in my town it is not currently a possibility.

BACKGROUND: we have lived in this house for 6 years-- renovating the interior and taming the yard. To say the yard was an overgrown jungle is an understatement. In this area, and actually most of the areas within 2 acres of the house we have gotten things under control. As any property can be, some of it was a learning experience, but mostly it was just a lot of hard work.

SITE PLAN: I sketched up a basic site plan and attached it. I left off the contour lines because it was hard to read; but we live on a mountain and its steep. I have a map of those if it would help. From the road to the drive drops off about 10 - 15 feet, from the drive to the front of the house it drops off about 2 feet, the house has a walkout basement and the top of the backyard is reasonably level until it drops off 15 feet over 10 feet. Considering we live not he side of a mountain, the drainage, especially in the area we are looking at is pretty good.

ISSUES: We live in Zone 4 - so its a pretty rough winter. We are also very exposed to weather living on the side of a mountain. This area is a bit more sheltered than the rest of our property being shielded by the barn and a little grove next to it. We have deer, but mostly our dogs keep them out of the yard - but the deer used to sleep in the grove on the south side of the barn in the winter before we had the dogs.






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