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You may think I'm crazy, but here's my WT project for spring

My3dogs ME zone 5A
13 years ago

I want to bring some lighter colors into my living room for spring and summer. The upper wall is Philadelphia Cream and below the chair rail is Baked Terra Cotta by BM. I have a patterned Karastan rug with rust, gold, blues, blue-ish green, tan....

I wanted to bring lighter version of the rust into perhaps a coral color on the windows, and try to include several of the other colors as well. You KNOW that I like multiple patterns in a room.

Brace yourselves....This is my Jacobean print that I found that goes with everything in the room. Keep in mind that it'll be against a cream wall, which is almost the exact color of the fabric background. It arrived today and I'll start sewing tonight. I'll do the same style that's there now, just valances, shown the second pic. I have dogs who like to jump into the bay window in the back of the room and lounge in the sun light. Panels just wouldn't work. The rope trim on these makes them fun.

This is the trim that'll go on them. What's the check above? Another one I found....I'll make two sets, and have a 'window wardrobe'.

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