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Let's dream! Spring projects?

16 years ago

Everyone was soooo helpful with my laneway planting project. I thought it would be fun to know what other people are planning for this year. I don't know about you, but this time of year I can't stop dreaming about all the things I am hoping to accomplish in the garden this year. I bought my house a couple of years ago and there was nothing but grass and spruce. I've been doing major house renos, inside and out. Last year, I put in a curving brick path to the front door and I put paver patios in the back year and side yard. Also, my DH is replacing a concrete retaining wall with a natural stone wall along the front of the lot (big job and not done yet after two summers of having a pile of rocks in the middle of my yard). But the hardscaping was so much work that I didn't get time to do much planting.

So -- here's my big goal for this year: to get the front yard looking nice. That means a number of different projects will have to get done. Finish retaining wall. Cut down a couple of scragly spruce. Fence off side yard. Fill low spots in lawn. Create flower beds.

Right now my front yard is a thing of shame. A huge pile of rocks, weeds, lumpy lawn, half-dead trees. Not to mention the assorted junk that seems to pile up during home renos. I'll post "before" pictures when the snow melts.

So-- what are your big plans for the year?

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