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Theme Garden -- Plants vs. Zombies, do you have a theme garden?

13 years ago

We're all avid gamers in this family and I thought it would be fun and help involve my kids more enthusiastically if I made some of the vegetable garden into a Plants vs. Zombies* garden. So that's what I'm going to do with the area between two sheds.

Some of the plants to use are obvious -- sunflowers, marigolds, squash, jalapenos, ..., but for others I'll need to get creative in substituting in better options.

Basing it on my favorite plant list from the game (with concessions to climate and season), I need to represent:

Sunflowers -- Obvious, but I want to find a variety for producing sunflower seeds for eating that is tall, but stable so it doesn't blow over easily during thunderstorms.

Starfruit -- Hard one here. I haven't thought of anything that might do yet other than yellow tomatoes.

Melon-pults -- Watermelons

Marigolds -- Obvious. I've love to have a white one or a bicolor though if I can get one.

Cactus/cattails -- I'm NOT transplanting any of the prickly pear weeds into the garden on purpose. But I thought the spikey okra pods might do.

Tallnuts -- Winter squash, perhaps? But then there is the

Squash -- Obvious, but have to pick winter or summer and which shape. And if I use squash as squash I can't use it for the tallnuts.

Jalapeno -- Obvious.

Garlic -- Can't plant it in the spring. Fennel bulbs might better represent the game art anyway since they sit on top of the soil.

Gold Magnets -- No magnet-shaped plants I know of. I'm sort of lost here. Bush wax beans (now that knowledgeable gardenweb people have recommended some varieties for the south)?

Spikeweed -- Another stumper for me. What sort of vegetable or annual herb is low, spreading, and has upright spikes?

That represents the full, 11 plant slots of a maxed-out game.

If I can't find the right plant for any of these I might try to represent cherry bombs (cherry tomatoes), potatomines, imi-tators, or cabbage-pults (though its exceedingly hard to grow cabbage through the summer here).

At the moment it looks like I can do this without any loss of usable space in my much-too-small garden since almost all the plants can be represented by something edible.

Is anyone else planning a theme garden?

*If you'd like to see what this game is you can download a free trial here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Plants vs. Zombies

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