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Substitutions (Pork fried dumplings)

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Yesterday was a really busy, hard-working day for me. My BF said he'd go to the store and get something for dinner... I suggested a pkg of BBQ pork. He came away with a pkg of ground pork and said he thought I might make pork fried dumplings. lol! Except, he didn't buy green onions or chinese cabbage, which I usually add to the filling. So I went in search of recipes to see what other people use. I saw regular cabbage used a lot and luckily I had some, so used that. For the green onions, I just used the greens from my young Egyptian walking onions. The dumplings came out great.

Re substitutions, I found one recipe that used water chestnuts in their dumplings. I'm not sure I'd like that crunchy texture. If I didn't have cabbage, I was eyeing some young tender leaves on my Russian kale. What do you all think? would water chestnuts and/or baby kale work in pork fried dumplings? What do you put in yours? what would you have used if you didn't have chinese cabbage or green onions?

Old photo, but it was from the first time I made gluten-free dumplings. I actually prefer working with the gf version of the dough. :)

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