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Latest 'glitch' with this site..

25 days ago
last modified: 25 days ago

So now over the past couple days, I've noticed that if I go to the notifications page, and click through to threads, it switches automatically from to, where I'm not signed in, then, when I try to comment or like something, a sign-in/sign-up window pops up. But it's not every thread - some go to gardenweb 🤔

Houzz seems to want me to sign in with my google account, but I do not want to do that, especially on topics I started, since I then cannot thank people, etc. It does not recognise the password/username I use for gardenweb.

I just think it's weird - and a little annoying - and felt like sharing. I can just replace 'houzz' with 'gardenweb' in the URL, and have been doing that, which is the small annoyance.

And I do wonder about all the HU###s I've been seeing lately - if they're members who got switched around...?

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