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Possible issue (workmanship) in new home build?

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Looking for a bit of advice on our newly constructed home (we purchased from a smaller builder group, and house was fully built when we fount it). While we absolutely love the look and fixtures in the bathrooms, we came to notice something after moving in.....Upon taking a close look at the LED lighting in the showers (its present in all 4 showers of the house), I'm afraid we have a potential moisture issue.

While I'm not concerned about the actual LED lights, I'm more concerned that the shower shelves are not fully sealed where recessed at the top for the LED strips. For example, on the master, you can see where the tiling ends, and can see exposed framing at the corner. On the front of the shower, you can actually see the pink insulation through the gap as its on an exterior wall.

How concerned should I be?


Mike's Ideas · More Info

Mike's Ideas · More Info

Mike's Ideas · More Info

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