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Building a new home. Bring issue up now or wait till phase Inspection

Khalil Ghorbani
3 years ago

Hi everyone thanks in advance. Building a new house and of course I like to stop by and check on things. I already caught one major error where they didn’t build part of the house with the right elevation. They had the wrong windows framed from another style we didn’t get.

I had to correct the superintendent and show him out elevation which was not the same.

The other day I went and I noticed these two things which I wondered about but if course I could be nitpicking.

  1. One of the outer wall section of our study looks to have much larger gaps than other places. The panel on the left has a bunch of nails that never even made it to the wood. All the other places seemed to have the same small gap nothing this wide which you see on both sides.
  1. Where the plumbing for a gas line outdoors comes through the outer plans it looks like they just punched through the wood instead of cutting a hole. Not sure if that matter at then. But it looks like they hacked it.

Should I bring them up now and be that picky guy building a home with a mass builder like TM. Or should I just wait to see if they are fixed by the pre-sheet rock Inspection I do. Or am I being too anal and neither of these matter.

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