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Window height vs function.

last month

We are adding a small kitchen addition and modifying our living room to allow for better potential furniture configuration now that our existing screened porch will be accessible from our new kitchen. We plan to close the door in this picture and replace the 2 windows (which are old, original) with 3 windows. The windows on the fireplace wall will stay. We were initialy thinking of making the new windows higher off rhe ground to allow for a potential couch to be on that wall if we move the tv, but we are concerned that the different heights will look strange. Is it a terrible idea to have a couch on that wall if we match the new windows to the existing? From our porch youll see a good bit of our couch if we go that route, but if we ever dont want the couch there in the future, would it look bad with the different heights. The room is quite small. for context, the adjacent room, separated by a half wall, will have a triple window over the sink. thank you!

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