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Let’s talk about Botox

last month

With all the makeup and fashion chats here, I am surprised this hasn’t come up. At least I can’t recall seeing it.

This is about botox for noncosmetic purposes, although that leads me to wonder about trying a tiny bit? Maybe? For cosmetic purposes. I have been a nighttime teeth grinder forever. I had a severe bout of TMJ years ago that was truly horrible. That's when I got a mouth guard from the dentist, which I wear every night. But even with the mouth guard, I woke up in the middle of the night recently to find little bits of something in my mouth. They were pieces that had broken off the crown on my back lower molar. Lovely!

Before I end up spending my life savings on broken teeth, I am looking up solutions for teeth grinding, and who knew Botox was an option? I made an appt for a consult only next week.

In my research, I also found that Botox can improve RBF (resting b— face), something I didn't realize I had until I saw myself in the background of many pics last year. I look pretty crabby when I'm not smiling. I hate that.

And then there's the crow's feet.

So, fess up. Who's had Botox? What was your experience? Regrets?

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