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Thoughts about metal siding for home and related CC&R's

last month


We will be building our dream retirement home in roughly 2 years. We have a 2 acre lot in SW Washington. It's in a small gated community of about 10 lots of similar sizes. There are some CC&R's but no HOA, which means CC&R's would essentially be enforced if someone decides to sue (per the listing realtor). The house siding has to be built with fiber cement board, wood, batten board, stucco, masonry or "similar high-quality siding." No vinyl, T-111, or plywood. Shops have to be on a permanent foundation and are allowed provided "architectural details match the primary residence and said shop buildings compliment the residence."

We will have a one-story home, about 2000-2200 sq. ft. We will also have a 2000 sq. foot shop/garage behind the house. Our preliminary plan is to use fiber cement board siding, some stone veneer accents, and composition roof. We would love a metal roof but aren't sure we can afford it, especially if the shop also would have to be metal. I had prior conversations with the listing realtor about possibly using T-111 for the shop to save some money. He couldn't give much guidance since he's "not an attorney," and emphasized it all depends on if a fellow homeowner would make a stink about it.

We are in the process of interviewing house designers/drafters. One recently mentioned the possibility of metal siding for both the house and shop. He said metal is a high quality material, and although the upfront costs may be higher, it lasts longer and there's lower maintenance. He also said using metal on the shop, combined with a pole barn approach could cost 30% less than a stick-built shop.

I've only just began to research metal siding for homes. The style I like would be more expensive than corrugated styles. Does anyone have experience with metal home siding? And overall, is it cheaper than cement fiber board in terms of longevity and maintenance?

My second question has to do with those darn CC&R's. Should I interpret it as meaning we have to use the same siding and roofing materials for both the house and shop? We'd obviously have a similar style and the same colors. I'm getting hung up on the word "match" and "architectural details." We obviously won't be putting stone veneer on the shop and nobody will say a thing about that. I'm wondering what exactly has to match. I'm just trying to use common sense here to be as economical as possible. Thanks!

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