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Action packed or leave room?

rouge21_gw (CDN Z5b/6a)
last month
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I think about this often, each April/May, when I plant annuals in pots, a basic question for sure i.e. the number of individual plants to put in a container.

For sure I know it depends on pot size and plant size at maturity but even so, I more often than not see videos in which the host, plants a 'crazy' # of individual annuals in a single container....lots more than I would ever do.

(I saw this most recently in this video Check it out from the start to about 2.5 minutes...I lost track as to how many went into that least 5!)

Does such (over)crowding lead to less than healthy plants or does each adapt to their close quarters?

Which camp are you in.... "spaced out or cheek by jowl"?

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