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Remember getting home from our retreats and..........

....finding a bag of fabric someone stuck in amongst your fabric unknown to you? Well, when my daughter was going through my fabric: to keep at the ranch, go into storage, send to thrift store, or toss, she came across some batiks that I found after a retreat and must have come from an estate sale (you know who you are) 'Keep and put it in the take to the ranch pile' and she did. After getting a lot of my fabric here that had been left in an empty house for a few months with the thermostat/AC set wherever wouldn't make a high expense, The girls washed every last scrap. Was wonderful for them to do that for me. Admittedly, my arms got really tired and the pinched nerve at the back of my neck was making me take notice. So, I quit and said I'd just press them later. That was about a year ago and later came today when I came across them. The larger pieces were folded and looked ok so I left them alone.....on the far left needs to be pressed yet. Center stack are the pieces that were already folded, and what I pressed today is on the right. Not a tall stack but then smallish scraps don't stack very high. lol I'm sorry, I have no idea how the picture got so big.

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