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Need pruning advice on Waxleaf Privet

2 months ago

We have a couple of 2 ball Waxleaf Privets (Ligustrum japonicum 'Texanum') on either side of our front door. They have gotten a little too wide and we would like to prune them back as much as we can. I know they won't look great for a couple of months but we are willing to sacrafice the looks for a short time.

Does anyone know if we can cut these limbs back maybe 50 to 60% without damaging the tree/shrub?

We put ironite on them last month, we live ourside of Atlanta, and you can see from the pictures that they are taking off really well. I just want them to fill our all the way around once they are trimmed back and don't want to damage them. I have searched online and not found anything helpful.

Sorry about the double photo I can't seem to remove one.



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