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It's 76 right now!

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No rain today but the ground is muddy. Been out working in the gardens this afternoon. Planted some old pea and sweet pea seeds just to see if they will sprout. If they don't, I'll make a trip to a local store and get some fresh stuff. I just hate wasting things. I finally got some small bulbs into the ground that were given to me by a friend and a bush of some type that I can't remember right now. I helped her dig up and move some stuff from the side of her house last week because she was having that part paved over along with a new driveway.

I also found a pair of snippers one of my exchange students gave me as a gift when he came back to visit. I had lost them since the end of last Summer and weirdly they were sitting in one of my raised beds. I'm thinking one of the workers who were cutting stuff up back there had to have found them and placed them there because I bury fruit and vegetable scraps in that bed all the time and the snippers were never there. Or I'm losing my mind. They're rusted and now sitting in some vinegar, salt and water to clean them up.

I also put some very old yellow and red Brandywine seeds into my seed sprouter to see if any of them will live. Apparently, I didn't buy any new tomato seeds for some reason, other than Yellow Pear. I do have half a packet of Sungold from last year but I also want a large tomato of some kind. I've been growing Aunt Ruby's German Green and Cherokee Purples for a few years now and want to do something different.

The birds were chirpiing when I was outside and the neighborhood barker wasn't barking, so it was wonderful being out in the sunshine. I've been moping around doing nothing for weeks now. Going to start some seeds today or tomorrow. How is your weather today?

I'm going to try using row covers for the first time. Mostly for the cabbage and sqaush. I'm tired of fighting the insects. Will either hand pollinate the squash or figure out when to take the covers off for pollintation.

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