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Exterior window trim question.

Sandi MC
last month

We hustled had new windows installed. White vinyl. They have a chunkier brick mould. We’ll be doing Hardie plank siding and deep ocean in the next couple of weeks.
We had initially planned on doing white trim around the windows. However the window and siding guys think we shouldn’t do this, as the windows already have a chunkier white brickmould that will be appear to be fairly prominent on the deep ocean colour already.

So now the siding guy wants to know if we are going to do window trim in the deep ocean colour, for a high-profile opening, or if we are going to do the plank siding right up to the brickmould- for a low profile opening.

Any thoughts on this? I’m not sure if there are any pros or cons to function (is it better to have trim around the windows?) or appearance (would it be very noticeable in the same colour?) to doing window trim in the same colour as the siding.

Thanks for any advice! 🙏🏼

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