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Ever make cheesecake cookies? Recipes, hints, etc.?

last month

Dinner was lemon cheesecake cookie. Not stuffed or topped cookie. Cookie with cream cheese added to the dough. Looks like a standard cookie. Maybe an ooch thicker. Cracked surface with sugar crystals, just a little bit crusty. Moist, squishy interior, but from all the fat—squishy like undercooked, but definitely cooked through. Ingredients list, while free of weird stuff, is commercial rather than reading like a recipe, inc. four different sugars, though it's not overly sweet. I think they're for texture control. I looked at some recipes online, but haven't more than dinner's cookie to compare to. I think this is definitely something I should learn to bake. It might even make an awesome hamentasch.

Please inform me!

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