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Roses that should be grown more/hard to get ahold of

Dillybeansown (6b in the Ozarks)
last month
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Hello, all! Haven't been on the forums much lately; life has been a bit crazy around here. Glad to see so many of you still on and doing well!

I am hoping for some input from you all. My question is: what roses do you feel deserve a better place in commerce? Roses that are hard to get ahold of, but deserve to be sold more? Roses whose merits have been overlooked because of poor advertising or rose politics, but are very bit as good as some of the more popular varieties? Or roses that have been highly praised, but are difficult to source, such as Augusta Louise or Pretty Jessica?

I hope this is allowed. I know that advertising is absolutely frowned upon, and I certainly don't want to infringe upon that, so if this is too close, please feel free to let me know.

We are working on opening a small nursery. Nothing big, probably mostly local sales but would be open to mail order.

We would love to stock varieties such as this, the "diamonds in the rough", as it were, and help them shine a little more.

If you have suggestions, please give them!

If you have cuttings or suckers of a rose that you're afraid will die out of commerce, feel free to contact us to see about getting it a spot.

Thank you for your time and suggestions!

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