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Bathroom nightmare- is this tile fixable?

Arielle Nash
last month

We hired someone who claimed to have extensive home reno experience and was confident in renoing our bathroom…… one thing after another I noticed was sloppy or incorrect… you kkow when someone paints over lights and lays vinyl flooring with seems aide hy side and some staggered its tome for them to go. I fired him, but I'm left with a mess.

moat of it is fixable (like skim coating the walls that henpainted without sanding!)… im worried about the tile in the shower.

Ive attached a picture to show the biggest of all the problems. we had one tile setter in yo quote and it was going to be about $5-6000 basically to rip everything out and start over…. plus materials.

I’m hoping there is a better answer.

in the photo you can see that the tile pulled away from the wall- ideally we can remove some tile and redo the wall without damaging the waterproofing…. if so, what do we do with this wonky bit? any ideas?

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