Unconventional one bathroom or two bathrooms?

3 years ago

So I have an unconventional idea for one bathroom that I can't decide if it would be any better, smaller, or cheaper, than just doing two convential bathrooms. I have thought of this before but then saw one in action at an open house and liked it even more. It had the sinks in one room, the toliet in another room connected to the sink area, and then the tub/shower in another room also connected to the sink area. All generiously sized. Allowing at least three individuals to use the bathroom at once. We may end up having 4 kids and I think it would be wise to allow for them to use bathrooms at the same time but I also don't see a need to get excessive with bathrooms. For some reason, having two bathrooms just for kid use seems excessive but doing one bathroom with different private spaces seems more reasonable, haha.

My questions to you smart people are - In your opinion:

1. Would this unconventional one bathroom be cheaper to build than two bathrooms (I believe yes as the fixtures are the most expensive part of bathrooms?)?

2. Do you think the square footage would be equal for either option, or less for the one?

3. Do you think a quirk like this would be too strange for people at resale? (not super important to me if its the best option for my family)

4. Do you think an architect would think I was a little loco if I had this on my list of wants/needs?


Super quick sketch to show what I mean in case my words aren't clear enough, sorry its a little faint:

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