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HELP!: Home office looking like doctor's office!

last month

I found this lift table online. It gets great reviews, is what I need, but happened to see it in person in my emergency vet's office yesterday. It is so medical looking and absolutely depressing to think about putting this in my home office. Where else can I find something like this that is less clinical? Can I alter this in someway to make it look less clinical?

I need something that can adjust to 42" tall, pneumatic system as I'm not strong enough to manually change height, and it stable yet has wheels to position around my room as needed.

I'll stash it to the right of the mirror door. Plan to raise screen with swing arm so it can be used standing with laptop on little lift table, or pulled down to my desk height. Note, I have a lot of pain, need to transition from sitting to standing frequently, and am working with a PT. While this may not look like a fancy ergonomic set up, it does work for my body.

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