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Valerie Crow
last month

Hi there! To make a long story short, we are relocating for my husband's employment and are under contract on a home that I'm trying to make some decisions on upcoming changes.

Pictured is the kitchen. I am planning to go with a luxury vinyl plank flooring so that the tile does not have to be busted up. I originally intended to replace the cabinets, but the cabinet company told me he would not suggest replacing them at this point - said they're expensive cabinets in great condition. So.....cabinets are staying.

He will be removing the current countertop / capping it off at the arched opening rather than having a slight bar (that is not currently being used as a bar). "Bulking up" the island and relocating it a few inches so that there's overhang for barstools on the side with the sink.

Will change out the hardware on the cabinets.

Now, for the decisions......

I'm considering Cambria Colton or Iverness Frost for the countertops.

Should I remove the over the stove microwave and add a wooden range hood?

What flooring should I select so that it looks good up next to the current living area and dining area? As well as looking good with the current cabinet color (and would still look good with white if I do decide to paint or replace)?

Wall color suggestions?

Should I paint the island?

Sorry for so many questions. We have to make decisions on Monday so that supplies can be ordered / work can begin as soon as we close on the property.

the photos I took myself are more accurate color depictions - the Zillow photo is lighter than actual.

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