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Can you help me with this red (faux-)OGR(?)?

2 months ago

Hi everyone, I think I might've posted about this rose before, but it's been quite a few years since I've been active here. I've still not been able to put a name to this.

I believe it to be an ogr but other people i've asked disagree. I think it has to be at least an early modern. There's something that's just not like your typical HT or such.

The thorns as curved as you can see, and it appears to be an everblooming variety. Little but still noticeable fragrance, classic rose, maybe raspberry-ish. Sets no hips.

Blackspot prone at times, but doesn't seem to defoliate much because of that, maybe because of how mature it is. Don't know the exact age but it's been there for a while, simply judging by the size. The people that own it (a business downtown) prune it horribly hard every year, but it comes back good, so it's not a variety that resents pruning like a couple ogrs can be.

I have gotten so many cuttings throughout the years and they never take, I've tried every method under the sun, plain soil, oil/sand, pure sand, long fibre moss, chopped moss, rockwool, burrito method, ziplocs, hydroponics, floral foam (unconventional, but i happened to root another hard variety once like that!). I'm trying my hand at budding now cause i think rooting it is a lost cause.

If anyone could help me, even with just telling me a class, that would be amazing. Thank you in advance!

Oh, and I apologize for the overexposure on the first pics, I'm a bad photographer. The color is actually a lot redder than the pictures suggest. There's some pink to it but it's a cherry RED more than anything!

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