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Need help with kitchen backsplash!

18 days ago

I am currently renovating my kitchen and have decided on Taj Mahal quartzite for the countertops. The cabinets will be white and quite contemporary (matte finish, no hardware). I fell in love with Taj Mahal and felt it would warm up the kitchen; I will be looking for a Taj Mahal slab that is more creamy and muted versus gray. Really struggling with the backsplash. Various people working on the project have suggested using the Taj for the backsplash as well or possibly a glass sheet backsplash in either a white or creamy tone. Wondering if using the Taj on both the counter and backsplash will be too much Taj? I did look at tiles, but felt like they would all distract from the Taj counter or would be too sterile with the white cabinets. Any thoughts would be appreciated! My cabinets will look something like these:

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