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Living room layout for a small pass-through 1-real-wall room

E Bluhm
22 days ago
last modified: 21 days ago

I have gone back and forth on the design for our living room so many times I'm dizzy--We don't have the furniture yet, so it's a pretty open slate (other than the significant limitations of the room itself). This is our only family room/living room/TV lounge space. We very rarely use the TV, but would like to have an option for the occasional movie night)

This is the room layout. The room is 13'x20'. The space to the left of the front door is only 14' out of the 20'. To the right of the front door is a small coat closet. The top wall is open to the kitchen and the dining table extends 15" into the living room space reducing the 13' dimension significantly if you include the walkway around chairs. Final constraint: we need a space for our upright piano (5'x2')

And here are some photos of the actual space before we cluttered it up with kitchen remodel mess. (The wall with the blue tape has been removed (this is where we originally had our piano)

(facing the wall that is on the left side in the layout)

(Facing the wall that is on top in the layout. In this photo the piano is in the window nook)

Here are some layouts I've been playing around with. The room feels more open to me when there isn't furniture to the left of the door (though I understand this is a popular option for creating some sense of an entryway in living rooms that have front doors opening into them.

Would love any ideas on room layout. Would any of these work better or worse?





Thank you!


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