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The humble cabbage…. no mayo please

2 months ago

Winter in Maine - it is cabin fever season. Or kitchen experiment season.

I recently was out to lunch at the local gristmill/restaurant. I had a sandwich and on the side was a version of slaw without mayo. It was so good! While I no longer turn green at the slightest bit of mayo I still really don’t like it. I also like how pickling (or dressing or marinating) take the harshness out of raw cabbage.

So I have been on a cabbage kick. Usually in winter I make multiple batches of a quick pickle with carrots, radishes, onions and ginger regularly. Which add a bright crisp fresh note to whatever I was eating be it soups, salads or sandwiches.

This year I have been making it more into a slaw with the addition of cabbage. Ending up with a gingery slaw - I add a bit of sesame oil at serving. So good. So so good. I am in my midwinter northern climate cravings for garden produce.

I mentioned it to a foodie friend and she mentioned curtido (and papusas) from her DC living days in a Salvadoran neighborhood. So new rabbit hole - no ginger, more vinegar and oregano. Also delicious.

I may or may not attempt papusas next.

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