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Article: Why Your New Couch May Be Garbage

24 days ago
last modified: 24 days ago

I found this interesting, as I've been contemplating replacing our practically antique (1930s) LR couch lately, wondering if higher prices mean better quality.

Thinking others here might find it interesting too...

(Originally from the WSJ)

Your New $3,000 Couch Might Be Garbage in Three Years. This Is Why.

"The lifespan of your new sofa may be much shorter than you expect.

Instead of once-a-decade purchases, furniture makers and restorers say, couches are becoming more like fast fashion—produced with cheaper materials, prone to trends and headed to the landfill after just a few years. High-quality sofas still exist, pros say, but they are harder to find. Mass-market options, even those that cost over $3,000, are increasingly made with less sturdy materials and construction methods.

Members of the furniture industry don’t agree on a single culprit but say the proliferation of makers, rising price of materials and our shopaholic tendencies all contribute. Expectations for a couch’s useful life now hover around seven years—and sometimes less—save for some of the most expensive models.

Consumers are complaining that their new couch’s cushions are lumpier, springs squeakier and frames flimsier than those of the well-loved models they replaced.

Ashley and Colin Lapin bought a $3,136 Eliot leather sofa on sale for $2,038 from direct-to-consumer brand Joybird in 2020 thinking it would be their forever couch. Within a few months, they say, a half-dozen buttons had popped off the tufting and discolored splotches appeared on the fabric. Worse, they say, the bottom cushions slide 6 inches forward whenever someone sits down.

“The $400 fake leather couch we got from Big Lots held up better than this,” says 40-year-old Colin, an Austin, Texas-based creative director, adding that the couple didn’t take their concerns to Joybird. “I feel a little duped.”..."

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