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Few People Get Shingles More Than Twice

last month

And then there's me.

I *know* I get them from stress, but that can be difficult to avoid.

This is the third time I've had shingles near my right eye. This time the stress is from pain.

My scoliosis is worse, with my spine Xray looking like a twisty train track where freight cars have piled up at the tailbone. I'm 'coping' with Tylenol-4 and lidocaine patches. The "Pain Team" at the cancer center tried various things, including methadone patches, but no help.

Early this week I saw what seemed like a pimple in my right eyebrow. Wednesday I started a sore throat. Yesterday I went to Urgent Care to get a throat swab and to have my expanding spot examined. Today I saw the opthalmologist (sp). There's no eye involvement, and he prescribed something for the troublesome eyelash mites. My throat swab came back negative. OK, two things dodged!

My poor DH, who's been driving me around to all these fun places. He really got a lemon.

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