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A rose that I thought was Laguna, but is it even a climber?

It is a balmy 65 degrees here in Maryland which is bizarre weather for January. I thought I would take the time to work on my climbers along the fence. I was pretty pleased with my efforts on Albertine. I’ve pretty much given up on making Cornelia climb and will probably move her and give something else space on the trellis. Quicksilver hasn’t shown a litnof vigor yet so didn’t really need attention, but then there is Laguna… at least I think it is Laguna. It definitely isn’t the Honeymoon I ordered.

It is growing like a big fountain in all directions. I’ve heard that Laguna is a beast so maybe this is normal for Laguna, but I have no idea what to do with it.

Is this how Laguna grows and is there a method for training it? I am thinking of adding a trellis in front of it to just sort of pancake it against the fence. Any suggestions would be appreciated because this thing is showing scary levels of vigor.

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