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ODD kitchen cabinets, looking for ideas to disguise them

Nydia Berumen
2 months ago

Hi! So we bought our home about 2 years ago. Before moving in, we painted all the walls a different shade as well as our kitchen cabinets that were so ugly painted. Our home is a 1950s ranch style that has white tile countertops and had the stove stand all by itself (the stove now has cabinets on the sides and above 🙂) but almost two years later and I cannot pass the fact of the weirdly shaped cabinet doors on the left side. They ARE functional, I store all ziplock bags, aluminum foil, plastic wrap etc. on the tall, narrow one and pans and lids on the two squared ones. However, the oddly shaped continues to visually bother me. Due to the tile countertops, replacing that section is not possible and if you ask what is underneath/inside, my husband drilled a couple of holes and it is all wood, like a supporting wood box. Not sure what the previous owners were thinking as it is definitely an add on and redoing the kitchen is not possible with our current budget.
Should we add similar shaped fake doors to make it more visually cohesive? Any ideas?

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