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Form vs. Function: does this look odd?

12 years ago

Ok, so a while back I asked where the countertop was most functional, and there was consensus that I should move the cabinet from the right of our fridge to the left to create a longer stretch of counter space. So, my dad and I moved the cabinet and removed countertops to make replacement easier. What I didn't count on when measuring wall space, however, was the oountertop being shorter than the opening in the uppers. Somehow I always pictured them lining up better.

So, I was planning to have the fridge as close as possible to the counter, leaving this space to the right for a shallow cabinet that would serve as a place for keys, phone chargers, and misc things like light bulbs and possibly brooms.

I loved the functionality of the cabinet idea, but what I wasn't counting on was the way the fridge would need to tuck under the uppers on the left side. Does this look odd to you? Odd enough to abort the hall cabinet idea?

If I pull the fridge out from the uppers, I think I could cut down a narrow cabinet from my parents' old kitchen and add 6.5" to the countertop, but I'm not sure what I'd use the cabinet for. Cookie sheets? Would a trash pull out fit there? Is the symmetry worth a non-necessary cabinet?

This would leave me with very, very little space to the right of the fridge, and this would be the view first thing upon entering the front door:

So if I elongate the counter further and want to provide guests with a better first impression, I need to come up with a plan for boxing it in. I'm thinking perhaps I could build a beadboard wall to match the planned backsplash and hang something attractive on it.

What would you do? Stick with the cabinet idea and hope it looks less awkward once a microwave is in place? Or sacrifice it and try to line up the lowers & uppers?

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