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Choosing a Kohler toilet: how to weigh form vs. function?

14 years ago

I don't see any recent thread on Kohler toilets; there are a couple from last year, but I thought I'd inquire to get more up-to-date feedback.

We're about to start remodeling of two bathrooms, and therefore need two toilets. I know some people here love the Toto's, but others here have expressed unhappiness with them. We're more inclined to go with Kohler at this point. The problem is, I want features from different toilets in a combination Kohler doesn't make! I wish I could get ones with Class 6 flushing, comfort height, one-piece, and skirted -- but such a creature doesn't exist. Rats. So I'm trying to figure how to weigh competing desires...

Our style is contemporary, so clean lines on the toilet would be a plus. Skirted, like the Persuade or Saile would be really nice, but I'm not sure their dual-flush flushing technology is as good as others, and they don't come in comfort height. I like the style of other one-piece models like the San Raphael, but it uses older Ingenium flushing, and also isn't in comfort height. Cimarron comes in comfort height, and I'd prefer the one-piece version for style -- but that model is Class 5, while the two-piece version is Class 6.

My brain is saying to choose based on flushing technology instead of style, function over form -- e.g the Cimarron 2-piece Class 6 -- but I'm having a hard time giving up on the look of the Cimarron one-piece or the clean lines of the skirted models. So I'd love to hear from anyone who has any of these on pros or cons you've experienced with them. Thanks!

-- Eric

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