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Hood Chronicles - Form vs. Function

12 years ago

I was planning to post this on the appliances forum and instead decided to post here as it is more of a aesthetics question..

What will look/ blend in/ work better? - Euro style glass+mesh hood or a metal (SS probably) wall hood? We will be doing an external blower (abakka or fantech --> 1200 CFM), so the hood is basically for trapping the fumes, grease collection and lights.

We have a longish galley (10X18) and low (7'8") ceiling with wood planks and wood beams. We ended up with a 36" induction and a 12" single gas unit woktop(total of 48"). So we need a minimum of 48" hood and I was looking for SS hood with baffle filters and rheostat/ knob style light/ fan controls. Soapstone, terracotta looking tile floor with pale painted cabinets, integrated appliances and some older style light fixtures. Custom hoods like Modern-aire etc.. are more than 5K and do not fit our budget. I found a few SS hoods on sale including a thermador unit but wondering if an euro style glass and mesh option will do the job and look more clean. My cabinet guy can also do a wood hood which will fit a baffle liner but I feel it would be too much wood..

I am very much a function over form gal and was leaning towards SS hood with baffles but DH wants the look to blend in and feels the SS hood will be a monstrosity. We agree that we do not need a "feature" hood just something that does a good job and does not look put of place. What do you think?


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