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Topping 120' White Pines

Sebago Lizzy
3 months ago

My home is surrounded by 120' white pines. There are probably 30 in striking distance of my home. It simply isn't practical to remove them all. Today a tree company suggested that we could increase our safety odds by just topping them to bring the canopy a bit lower and create a bit less of a sail effect at the top. They apparently top them where the branches start to be more like 45 degree angles instead of perpendicular to the trunk. Wondering thoughts on this and any direction to resources for my own research would be appreciated. These are very old, perfectly straight, healthy white pines, but with the more severe storms we are having there are plenty that are breaking in the nearby woods. My neighbor had one break midway and dropon their garage just the other day. Seems only a matter of time...

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