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Weeping white pine trained with a "serpentine" central leader

7 years ago

I've fallen for this tree at my local nursery. It's about a 6' weeping white pine that has been staked and trained to have a "serpentine" form to the central upright leader. The top of this leader is starting to head back downward after it reaches the top of the stake. So, it's super cool, but I'm unsure of what to do with because I'm really not sure how a tree trained in this way will behave. If I want to keep the serpentine look, does it need to be staked for life, or does it eventually hold its form? Also, considering more mature specimens of this species, it seems likely that the serpentine might become lost in the foliage eventually anyway. Right? Is that where more training comes into play? Just trying to figure out where would be a good place for it and what will be involved in its care...

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