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Is this acceptable color variance for grout lines?

S. Daniels
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Our kitchen backsplash was completed by our tile contractor last week and now that it should be fully dry I am pretty unhappy with blotchy looking grout throughout the tile. The grout is Custom Prism and the color is ”bleached wood”, which was supposed to be a very slightly greyish off white color according to the sample. The tile is Fireclay ceramic handmade tile. I did have the tiler back after 48 hours as there were some really dark spots (not in these pics), which I said I couldn’t live with and he suggested touching it up with more grout which he did (but then some of the touched up areas dried whiter than the surrounding grout and it changed the depth). The tiler says he thinks the blotches are because he used grout release, which I asked for as it was ”highly recommended” by the tile manufacturer and in the instructions given to me by the design consultant who sold me the tile. And now I notice that when I wipe over the grout lightly with a damp rag, I get these very white patches that don’t darken in the surrounding color. Is that normal? My husband is exasperated with me because he says it would take a lot to fix it, but to me I just see what looks like dirty spots which ruins the overall look. Are my expectations too high? Should I contact the grout manufacturer? This is my first time hiring a tile installer so I am not sure what to expect.

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